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2013 Personal Goals

January 21, 2013 by Matt Morgan

Most of the time we like to determine our own, personal goals. But there are times when others set personal goals for us. A doctor may tell his patient that his cholesterol is too high and that over the course of the next year, through diet and exercise, he needs to get his cholesterol down. A professor may begin a semester by handing out a syllabus to her students and telling them that at the end of the semester they need to understand the material that is taught in the class. In most cases when others give us personal goals that they want us to work towards it is usually for our own good. That's true for us this week. This week we are going to encourage you to strive hard after three particular goals in your relationship with Jesus during the course of 2013 - three goals that we believe will help you, but more importantly, bring glory and honor to Jesus.

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2013 Church Goals

January 14, 2013 by Matt Morgan

Like many individuals, most organizations have goals which they are working towards and striving to accomplish. Those goals aren't usually just made up out of thin air though. Most of the time those goals are a result of organizations taking an honest look at themselves, making honest assessments of their weaknesses and/or places that they need to grow, and then putting processes into place that will help them accomplish their goals. Churches (our's included) need to be willing to take an honest look at themselves too. They need to be in the habit of prayerfully asking God to reveal their weaknesses to them and help them establish goals that He wants them to work towards. Then they need to strive together in great dependence upon God, doing their best to partner with God to make those goals a reality. This week we'll look at two areas of weakness for us in 2012 and begin to ask God to help us grow in these areas throughout the course of 2013.

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2013 Kingdom Goals

January 8, 2013 by Matt Morgan

God did some amazing things for and through Escalate Church in 2012. Last week we talked about the appropriate response to God's goodness, saying that it was both right and appropriate to celebrate Him and what He has done. But we also emphasized the fact that we can't allow our celebration of Him to take us off of the mission that He has called us to. So we strive to celebrate God while we continue on mission with Him. The question as we start a new calendar year now is, "Where to Next?" Over the course of the next three weeks we are going to try to establish a series of goals in three different categories. This week we are going to focus on 2013 Kingdom goals.

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