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Redemption Completed - Ruth 4:1-22

October 30, 2013 by Matt Morgan

When we have a need it is of no help to us to go to a person (or thing) that is either unwilling or unable (or both) to help us. For example, if I need some help with my taxes I'm not going to go to Starbucks and ask one of the baristas if he can help me with my taxes. There are two reasons for this: First, he is probably going to be busy making drinks for other customers, so he's going to be unwilling to help. Second, he probably doesn't have a background as a CPA and is unable to help me with my taxes. Instead of going to Starbucks I would need to go to H&R Block where there are CPAs who would be both willing and able to help me with my taxes. Not surprisingly the same is true in regards to a redeemer. Each and every person has a sin problem and stands in need of redemption. But we can't place our hope and trust in redeemers that are unwilling and/or unable to redeem us. Instead we have to place our faith in the Redeemer who is both willing and able to redeem us.

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Choosing to Rest in a Redeemer - Ruth 3:1-18

October 22, 2013 by Matt Morgan

Chapter 2 of Ruth seemed to end on a very positive note - Boaz had graciously provided for Ruth and Naomi and it seemed that the time of barley and wheat harvest was going to be very productive time for these widowed women. So what more could this story have for us? That's a good observation, but it's also an incomplete one. The problem at the end of chapter 1 wasn't that these women needed to be provided for with food and a safe place to glean. These women needed something of even greater significance - redemption. And what we will discover in chapter 3 is that while Ruth had been introduced to a good redeemer, there was a decision that she still needed to make before redemption could be hers. And like Ruth, God has provided us with an even greater Redeemer, but we too have a decision that we have to make.

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The Character of a Redeemer - Ruth 2:1-23

October 16, 2013 by Matt Morgan

How do you identify someone you don't know? That's a weird question! In our world the most popular answer would probably be, "Goggle them!" But there was a time not so long ago when you couldn't just "google" someone. And so if you needed to identify someone that you didn't know, you needed clues. "Blind dates" were a great example. Two individuals might have been set up for a date by a mutual friend. But because the two individuals did not know what the other one looked like, they had to provide clues to help identify one another for their date. For example the man might have brought a red carnation for the woman to look for, and the woman might have told the man ahead of time what she would be wearing. These were necessary clues that they needed in order to identify one another. And in the OT God did something similar for humanity. He had promised to send a Messiah to rescue and redeem them, but they didn't know who He would be. So all throughout the OT God provided people with clues to help them identify Him. In the text of Ruth 2 God provided some really great clues to help us identify the character of THE Redeemer.

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What Do You Need? - Ruth 1:1-22

October 8, 2013 by Matt Morgan

This week we start a new sermon series through the Old Testament book of Ruth. It is story that is highly regarded by many as one of the best in the Bible. The story begins the way that many stories often do - by defining the problem and the need of the main characters. And that will be the emphasis our our study this week - because unless we rightly understand the problem and the need, we'll miss the greater purpose of the story as a whole. So whether you know the story of Ruth well or you've never heard of it before, we invite you to come along with us as we unpack this story of redemption and look to see if God could do something similar in our own lives.

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