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Matchless King - Psalm 93

August 1, 2012 by Matt Morgan

Many people would profess that they believe in God. And of those who profess to believe in God, many would say that they believe that God is mighty and powerful. But of the many who profess that they believe in a mighty and powerful God, very few of those individuals seem to live their lives as if they believe God is mighty and powerful. Far too often we are guilty of living as if God is timid and tame or unable to move in more than small and insignificant ways. But that isn't the picture of God painted in the Bible. The Bible tells us that God is both majestic and strong in character and that He has always been and will continue to remain that way. One of the greatest reminders of that comes from Psalm 93. I invite you to consider with me what the psalmist wrote there as we look at the Matchless King.

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