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Make No Exceptions

December 26, 2012 by Matt Morgan

Over the course of the last three weeks we have attempted to prepare our hearts for Christmas by remembering why the gift of Jesus was so incredibly significant. During that time we have been reminded of some important realities. The first week we remembered that Jesus was the fulfillment of the greatest promise ever made. The second week we remembered that Jesus was the greatest gift ever given. And last week we remembered that Jesus was God's means for salvation. Those are big, awesome claims. And we recognize that we live in a culture that is skeptical of big, awesome claims. Big, awesome claims usually come with fine print that spells out all the exceptions. But this week we're going to see that when God gave the gift of Jesus, He gave Him without any exceptions of who could receive the gift.

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God's Means For Salvation

December 18, 2012 by Matt Morgan

Tragedy struck our nation earlier this week - just days before we celebrate Christmas. Now many are wrestling with questions in what is normally a very joyful season. "How could someone do something like this days before Christmas?" "How could someone kill so many innocent little children?" "How can we have hope and joy this Christmas in the shadow of such a great tragedy?" "And how can we believe in God when God seems to have been absent in a time of great need?" All of these are real questions being asked by many who are trying to prepare their hearts for Christmas. I'll do my best to try to point you to the hope that is waiting in the Christmas story.

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The Greatest Gift

December 10, 2012 by Matt Morgan

Those in advertising and marketing often seem to have a finger on the pulse of our culture. They make observations about the way we think and live and then use those observations to try to sell us new things. Recently I've noticed an increase in advertisements in which they are focusing on people standing in line, waiting for the next 'big' thing. But while they stand in line eagerly waiting, those individuals are also expecting even greater things in the future. It's as if we have been conditioned to celebrate new things for a season, but not to settle for those things because better, more improved things are coming. This seems to be the mentality in regards to things from iPhones, computers, and tablets, to shoes, televisions, and cars. But could this way of thinking have seeped into the way we think about Christmas and the gift of Jesus as well? Something we need to consider as we are "Preparing for Christmas."

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The Promise Fulfilled

December 3, 2012 by Matt Morgan

What are you doing to prepare yourself for Christmas? And how will you know when you are prepared? What are thinking about as Christmas day gets closer? When you'll get your decorating done; who to send Christmas cards to; what gifts you need to purchase; how to arrange your schedule to make the Christmas parties you really want to attend? If we can successfully juggle all of these things prior to December 25th most of us would say that we are prepared for Christmas. And while in the midst of all this busyness we may remember that Christmas is really about Jesus' birth - far too often we forget why that is such an enormous deal. This week's post will provide the first of four important reminders.

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